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  • How does an opportunity to grow the number of charter schools in a community create champions throughout the city advocating for more quality charter schools?

  • How does the growth of one grass roots organization foster a regional approach to addressing concentrated poverty?

  • How can a green, luxury real estate project become a chance to change the vitality of a once forgotten community?

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  • California Charter School Association, Fresno, CA
    This marketing challenge required an understanding of the interdependency of the community sectors. The opportunity in the Fresno region for a healthy charter school movement gleaned investment from many of the nation’s most highly regarded educational foundation funders. Unification of the Fresno community is required to collectively recognize the opportunity and consider how to integrate it into the citywide efforts underway to improve Fresno’s educational landscape. Gleason Group determined that this project involves a systematic approach to communications, generating enthusiasm in the community to invest in this effort.
  • Fresno Street Saints, Fresno, CA
    Gleason Group designed a communication strategy that emphasized message as well as relationship and effectively positioned this organization to contribute to the work of restoring Fresno’s most challenged neighborhood. It is a strategy that required bringing the talent within impoverished communities to the fore, while illuminating the need to address the poverty within. The growing movement has gone beyond the “teach them to fish and they’ll fish for a lifetime” idea to the more insightful question, “Who owns the pond?”
  • Salt Aire Dunes, Westport, WA
    The investors of Salt Aire Dunes knew that their marketing choice would be critical to maximize the potential price point of their luxury condominium development while building a recognized brand and fostering good will in the community. Gleason Group designed a team with national client experience, upper-income targets, web based and public relations strategies and a keen business sense for leveraging relationships and opportunity throughout the real estate sales cycle.
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